Special alloy steel - Germany >>1.2738

  • 1.2738
  • Application : 1GENERAL:
    - uniform hardness across the cross-section
    - very good polishability - good machinability
    - hardenable and temperable plastic mould steel
    - nitridable - suitable for chrome plating

    Die steel for plastic moulds with a thickness of about 400 mm plus, if uniform hardness, elevated toughness and polishability is required in the contour as well. Moulds for TV housings and rear walls, copier housings; shock-absorber moulds; moulds for dashboards and large outside body parts; waste bin moulds; pressure casting frames

    DELIVERY CONDITION:.2738 (similar to AISI P20 + Ni)
    Conventional melting (EF+LF+VD)

     hardened and tempered

    280 – 325 HB or acc. to your request