Special alloy steel - Germany >>1.2343

  • 1.2343
  • Application :

    1.2343 (similar to AISI H11)
    Conventional melting (EF+LF+VD)

    - Hot-work tool steel with a high resistance to heat and very good
    - high resistance to temperature fatigue and wear
    - nitridable
    - well polishable
    - little change in dimension
    - high full quenching and tempering properties
    - also to be used as cold work steel

    - Pressure casting tools for light metals
    - tools for forging machines
    - dies; die inserts
    - extrusion pressing tools
    - warm shear blades
    - cold pilger mandrels and jaws
    - der tools, such as worms, cylinders, nozzles

    Soft annealed, respectively fine structure treated with a hardness of a maximum of 229 HB